Valves Family Tree

Ronnie created this tree (a la Zigzag) in 1977 –


by the bold Ron

All the Valves participated in an occasional band called ‘The Dirty Dossers’ which consisted of the band minus some members and/or plus some additional talent such as Jamie from the Monos,  Dougie Thomson, Stuart Nisbet (at that time a Valves Road manager along with Pete) whose career has since taken a nose-dive via playing/recording with the Proclaimers, China Crisis etc. etc. The Dossers played a variety of gigs, memorably as a 12-piece playing a City Lynx benefit at the Astoria and as a 3-piece (Stuart plus the Gordons) playing mainly Van Morrison’s back catalogue at the Rowan Fair oop north after Dave pulled out of the gig for medical reasons.

scan0013 - CopyNice pic, guys . . .

After the Valves folded, Dee and Pada found themselves in a band called the Mudsharks with Stuart on guitar, Keith Burns on drums and Alan Marshall and Alan (damn, forgot) on guitar/sax. Some good stuff there – may add some samples to the site in future . . .


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