Videos of Valves and Valeetahs

Somewhere in Edinburgh

Finally found the Liberties’ version of No Surf (featuring Mr Niz on keys) ->


Here’s a Valeetahs version of Linda Vindaloo and other Valeetahs stuff should be adjacent ->


Louise (aka Spike) has kindly put together a YouTube playlist of videos so far –




Yet another Downfall parody . .

I’ve disabled comments on the YouTube page – never could understand the invective and abuse on comment pages. Guess we’re taking a risk with this blog . . .


Here’s a link to a video of Don’t Mean Nothin’ at All – mimed to give audio/video students at Napier College some practice. Ronnie had a doctor’s/dentist’s appointment that day so John from the Cheetahs kindly jumped around and mimed in Ronnie’s place. Do not adjust your computer – this is what analogue TV from 1978 looks like, folks.


And thanks to Walter McCrorie for this wonderful animation of ‘No Surf’ –

and to Bob Jefferson for adding some Porty-related pics to a live version of ‘No Surf’ –


and to Scottie for “Walk Don’t Walk” live at the Rock Against Racism gig in Annandale Street in 1978. Ronnie looks about 15 years old in this clip . . . . Skids and Monos available in related vids


One thought on “Videos of Valves and Valeetahs”

  1. Absolutely fantastic ‘Adolf Hitler, My Downfall’ clip. ‘At least they didn’t mention my affliction’, brilliant! Very much looking forward to the gig; I’ll be there.

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