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It’s coming soon(ish)

Update – June 2019
Work on the LP is nearing completion. It’s been a while coming (over a year now) but it should be with you before the end of the year. It will be worth the wait.
In the meantime we need to tell you of how we are being screwed again. Zoom records, through Cherry Red, have leased our debut single to Munster Record of Spain. We were not notified or consulted on this re-issue and Zoom are not answering our requests for a resolution. So, we have had no say in this and no idea what is going on. except that we are being ripped off and ignored. Which is a shame as it would be nice to see our record in the shops again. Anyway, here is the link to the Munster

Wee Red Bar gig – Saturday November 3rd

Another gig for the hardest working band in showbiz – the Valves are second on the bill at the Fakes gig on Saturday November 3rd at the Wee Red Bar, The Art College, Edinburgh. The Ferromoans are first up. Doors open at 7pm, over 18s only, £4 advance (brownpapertickets) £5 on the door.

The Mighty Valves will be doing old versions of old songs, some new versions of some old songs and some new versions of new stuff too. For the sake of symmetry, we’d like to do old versions of new songs, but that’s logically unpossible. And work on releasing a vinyl album of the 70s recordings is progressing….more details soon…

Gig at Weeeee Red Bar – November 3 plus Valves album???

Looks like a gig, sounds like a gig – it IS a gig. Playing with the estimable Fakes at one of our favourite venues – the Wee Red Bar at Edinburgh Art College on November 3 – more details as we get them. We’ll introduce a couple of new songs and possibly some old ones too if we have the time

We’re also progressing with work on the release of a vinyl album of demos and studio recordings from the original Valves along with some live tracks from the reunion gig in 2013. Don’t hold your breath but should be out around the end of the year.

Working title is ‘Better Late’ and we’re going to release it as the first offering from our own Portobello Record Company label.

Meadows Festival – Sunday June 8

Not the full Valves experience (as Dave is sitting this one out) but Gordon, Ronnie and Pada are looking for guest singers to contribute to a ‘Valves All-Star’ set (bit of a cheeky use of the word “All-Start” there) so post contact here or our FB page  if you fancy contributing to a bit of Edinburgh history – and in the time-honoured phrase “No time wasters please”.

Dave in Edinburgh – Phew

After a bit of trouble with passports etc. (thank you, Al-Quieda, for making it so tough – especially from outside the UK), Dave landed in Edinburgh today – Friday 13th. Full band rehearsals start tonight and looking forward to the whole crew being together again. Band photos to follow but here are some to show that Dave is in fine fettle and ready to rock.


Gordon and Dave in Brussels
Gordon and Dave in Brussels


Dave and Gordon selfie in Brussels (where Obama?)
Dave and Gordon selfie in Brussels (where Obama?)


Dave - blurry but home
Dave – blurry but home


Dave in Embra
Dave in Embra