The Debut Album – Better Late…

If you’re familiar with the Valves, you’ll know we released three singles in the late 70s but did not manage to release an album. All fixed – we’re releasing a 14-track vinyl LP on March 13, 2020 (happy birthday, Ron) containing a mix of studio sessions, demos and live recordings from the reunion gig in December 2013.

It’s taken a few months, but we finally got the best recordings from tape and agreed on the included tracks – our long-time buddy Spiny (Doug Ring) then painstakingly remixed the tracks to vinyl quality and Lindsay Hutton produced the sleeve and assembled the artwork. It’s being released in a limited edition of 500 by our own Portobello Record Company and further releases are planned…

So – you can order the album online at If you order now, the album will be sent to you around March 2, so you receive it in advance of the release date. It will also be available in selected record shops (more details later) from March 13.

There’s a cheesy publicity video bouncing around on YouTube too –

Samples of the album tracks are on the Better Late – Samples page of this blog.

Track Listing

Side A

For Adolfs Only (live)

Mum and Dad

Sister Radio

I Don’t Wanna Eat You

West End Club

So Stuck Up

Fab Front Loader

Side B

Diana Barrymore


Walk Don’t Walk

Robot Love(live)

Haircuts From Mars

Linda Vindaloo (Spiny remix)

Ain’t No Surf in Portobello (live)